Pete D’Alessandro is running for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District. In Congress, Pete will:

» Fight for a $15/hour livable wage
» Expand Medicare-for-all to ensure universal healthcare access
» Support tuition-free college
» Lead on addressing the global climate crisis

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I’m running because we have a critical opportunity in 2018 to elect candidates willing to do more than just stand against Donald Trump. Now is the time to elect a candidate willing to stand for something by supporting a true, progressive plan to get our country back on the right track.

That’s what I’m going to focus my campaign on. To win the future, we need to take a stand. That’s why I will fight for a $15/hour living wage that supports American workers, support expanding Medicare-for-all as the best way to provide affordable and accessible healthcare coverage to Americans, provide tuition-free college for students who work hard, and be a leader as we fight our global climate crisis.

If the United States can afford billions in tax breaks for billionaires and big corporations, we can surely find a way to take basic steps to support working families like those across the Third District.

It’s time for a bold agenda that raises wages, improves lives, and restores our country’s leadership in the world. Together, we can win the future.     

– Pete D’Alessandro

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