Volunteer for Pete

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Pete D’Alessandro is dedicated to running a people-powered grassroots campaign. In Congress, Pete will:

» Fight for a $15/hour livable wage
» Expand Medicare-for-all to ensure universal healthcare access
» Support tuition-free college
» Lead on addressing the global climate crisis


Petition to get Pete on the Ballot

To get his name on the ballot, Pete needs 1,790 signatures across all 16 counties in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District. Click here to print of the petition. Sign your name and then get then get others to sign – the more the better. Once you’ve gotten the signatures, you can mail the filled out petitions to:

Pete for Iowa
PO Box 4724
Des Moines, IA 50308

You can contact Michael Beasley at beasley@peteforiowa.com with any questions.